Sunday, March 9, 2008

...Moving Day...

Isn't winter over yet?  That question has been on my mind for awhile now but it really resonated yesterday when we had to move in the middle of a March blizzard!  This was the scene at 78 Twelfth St. - it was worse than it looks.  Did I mention that we moved by ourselves?  It's funny now that it's over but there were a few tense moments yesterday!

Now we are in our new pad and it already feels like home.  It is weird going from a 400 sq. ft. bachelor apartment to a whole house just for the two of us.  We are enjoying all of the things that we have gone without for many years such as a dishwasher, being able to do laundry whenever we want, not having to save up loonies for the washing machine, having a driveway to shovel! ...OK, perhaps I am pushing it there, Carmon has been out there two days in a row...not sure if that would top his list!  We have a big to do list and are waiting for more furniture to arrive - we have been standing over the kitchen sink eating meals - it will be wonderful to have a real dining room table...Carmon wants to start on the bathroom right away - I promise, I will update our progression on a more regular basis - I am sure things will get very interesting as we begin our DIY projects.