Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend

We had an awesome weekend! Besides buying a house, and a second vehicle (all in one day) we were able to fit in a morning at Heritage Park on Sunday. It was really cool when we arrived, but we warmed up in Gunn's Dairy Barn with a pancake breakfast and then hopped on the steam train for a ride around the village. This is an excellent place to be with kids, especially if you have a train, boat and tractor lovin' little boy!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Impulse Buy?

So we bought a house yesterday! We have been on the hunt since our visit to Calgary in July and it had been pretty underwhelming so far. We were thisclose to cancelling our Saturday bookings with our agent, as we were feeling rather gloomy about the whole house hunting process. Good thing we didn't. This little lady came on the market earlier this week, it is located in an area called Bridgeland in the inner city's NE. It is a great area, lots of redevelopment going on, a few good spots to eat and there is a Starbucks! I know I sound like a total weirdo city person but seriously...would you turn down a Sunday morning pumpkin spice latte if it's a block and a half away?
We walked in and instantly had a good feeling about the place, the layout on the main floor is almost identical to our last house in Toronto, which made it very easy for us to visualize living there. It has a sweet little front porch, nice high ceilings, it is light filled and bright, it has squeaky original hardwood and cozy bedrooms. So we put in an offer immediately and learned a few hours later that somebody else had also put in an offer - we were now in a bidding war. WHAT??! I thought that only happened in Toronto! We improved our offer and waited at a park nearby while the deal went down. I guess they liked that we were able to move in asap and that helped us in the end...So it's ours on November 8! I feel inspired again! Can't wait to start planning some projects and settling in. This is really going to help us feel at home in our new city. So here it is!