Sunday, February 12, 2012

...nearly 3!

Just a couple of days away until Max is officially 3 years old. He waited patiently all week for The Party and we had fun getting ready for the festivities. Max decided that he wanted a Rainbow Cake and fortunately, I had come across the 6 layer rainbow cake that has been appearing in blogs and also Martha Stewart. It looks daunting but actually it was a lot of fun to make.

The balloons were a hit - Carmon and I put them out when Max was in bed last night, when he came downstairs this morning and saw them he was so excited. "I LOVE my balloons!!" he squealed.

Take-out nuggets and fries for the kids...a good way to keep kids interested and the food contained!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Birthday weekend

Really? Another year older?! It was my 32nd on Monday. We celebrated by taking a mini vacation in Canmore and signed ourselves up for a Dog sledding trip while we were there. It took Max some time to 'warm up' to the idea. He was not thrilled at all as we stood in the cold for 1/2 an hour getting a bit of a tutorial on how to operate the sleds, commands for the dogs etc...I only half listened, trying to keep him entertained/warm and somewhat enthusiastic about getting in a cold sled and being pulled through the bush.

"This is NOT going to be fun", "I want to go home" oh and, "I want to go play in the sand!" were a few memorable quotes before we got going.

Once the lesson was over, we got bundled in our sled and he was much squeals of delight or anything like that, but when we finished he said he wanted to go again. We hit the pool in the afternoon, found a good spot for dinner and were all in bed by 7:30!