Monday, January 24, 2011

Puppy Fever

Max stayed home with Dad today. We all just got over a terrible flu last week and Max was running a fever this morning - again?! Honestly. As usual though, you would never know that this little peanut was sick, he is still a chipper little guy even when he is feeling a little under the weather. So he and Daddy-o stayed inside and played today. Max has all sorts of toys, big noisy trucks, tiny little trains, John Deere tractors all of which he loves but lately he has been quite attached to this adorable hand knit puppy dog. He loves to make the puppy bark and lets his puppy help him pick up toys...and sippy cups...

Thank you to my mom's talented friend, Gwen who lovingly made this puppy for Max - he is very special!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Mr. Fix It

Hi there! It's been a week of building, painting, fixing over here. I am SAD to be going back to work tomorrow - we have only chipped the giant iceberg that is our To Do List. Max had a great week - I am sure tomorrow's daycare drop off will be dramatic as it always is after too many days away.
We are anxious to get into our bathroom again - right now our beautiful tub and tile are in but today is painting day and we are currently without a bathroom sink. Carm is losing patience with the entire process and wants to "burn our house down" as he so eloquently put it yesterday...yikes. Max just wants to be like his daddy and build things too - he had a great time this morning putting his new step stool together. Hope everyone had a happy New Year and good luck getting back to the grind tomorrow!