Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Summer Wedding

While we were home in July, we also celebrated the marriage of my brother, Ian and his new wife, Holly! It was a perfect Friday afternoon - we are so very excited for you two!

Don't they look lovely?

Max did his best to stay still...a little snack held him over for a few minutes...

The wedding took place in my mom and dad's yard - where Carmon and I were married 3 years ago. It is the most perfect spot with its big trees and their leafy branches, the sun twinkles through them ever so nicely. And then there is the barn. We ate our meal in the loft of the red barn after the ceremony. We shared a delicious feast at one long table, big paper flowers hanging from the wooden rafters. A lovely spot for a celebration - fortunately the festivities didn't stop short that night as there was a whole lot of stompin' going on the next evening...more about that soon!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Belated Happy Anniversary

Oh my dear! Our 3 year Anniversary has come and gone and I have yet to write a poetic little note about how much I adore my lovely husband. Happy 3 years! This has been a full year - and everyday I am thankful that I came across you, one sweet day...

Hooray! Hudson is Here!

While on holidays we anxiously awaited the arrival of our first Nephew. It was so exciting to be at home and get the call that they were in labour - everyone was on the edge of their seats...and finally! He was here!

Sebrina and AJ welcomed Hudson Aaron on July 19th.

We happily drove to Calgary to meet Hudson and catch up with Sebrina and AJ. What a lovely little bundle - congrats you two!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

One Trac(tor) Mind

We are back from two weeks holidays in the Alberta Prairies, ah what a good time it was. Max is officially tractor obsessed - not sure I can blame him. It was heaven for a little boy - there were tractors, trucks and machinery everywhere. Max would happily announce "trac-tor"! at every sighting...there were a lot...I should have counted how many times we heard that word in a day. One night, fast asleep he muttered "tract-or", and the next night "bye bye tract-or". In the mornings he would stand up in his crib, point to the bedroom door and call "tract-or"! As we drove down the highway he would frantically wave at anything with 4 wheels and proclaim "tract-or"! We spent a good part of our days climbing in and out of vehicles and heavy machinery allowing Max to have his fix. It was worth every minute.