Saturday, February 28, 2009

2 Weeks Old

Pondering ........

Waking up ..... Oh, what a big Yawn!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Happy 1 Week Birthday To Me!

Awoke this morning one week old.

Auntie Sebrina and Uncle AJ got me this vibrating chair.  Where's the Beer holder? Oh wait, I have my own milkshake machine ...... by the way where did she go?

My little piggies.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

With Mom and Dad

I figured out that every time I open my mouth like this I get fed.

Those darn Paparazzi, they're everywhere!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

More Pics.

I never liked getting my diaper changed, but mom put a radio in my room, now I just lay back, relax, let it all hang out and listen to some tunes.

Dad is going to get into trouble for putting this one on ...... mom doesn't like pictures of herself.  Here I am just 10 minutes old.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

sleeping in my car seat

(Dad has been doing all my blogging so there is a little lack of commentary.  Mom will take over and provide more details on me when she is rested.)

Oh! I think I ate too much on that last go around!

Monday, February 16, 2009

I'm Home - Max Thomas Blacklock

Born: February 14, 2009 - 12:52 pm
Weight: 7lbs.13oz.
Length: 20 inches 

Monday, February 9, 2009

One on One with CLB

Our dear friend Katrina has compiled a little pre-baby interview for Carmon and I for her lovely blog kat's cradle. I have pinched it from her - enjoy!

{engagement photo in paris, france - january 2007}

any day now my special friends cheryl & carmon will be meeting their sweet baby boy for the very first time. how exciting these months of preparation have been, and i can't believe that the count down is in days now! i was so fortunate to have been able to see cheryl in september, and although small, a little baby bump then too. i always wish we lived closer to one another...but i am feeling especially lonely for my friend now and wishing that i could be there. i thought that it might be fun to interview this expectant mommy and get the inside scoop on being pregnant, pregnancy fashion, useful resources, expectations....and all things baby! in addition i asked carmon, the daddy to be, some questions too which can be found at the end of cheryl's interview.
k: as you are approaching february 19th, the date that has been on your mind for months now, what are some of your thoughts & feelings?

c: While the due date is Feb 19th, we have been reminded that the baby could really come any day now - so the thought of my water breaking in public races through my mind any time I have to leave the house! I am also feeling slightly ill prepared - although we have had months and months we have signed up for a few more projects around the house that we hope to squeeze in before the baby comes. Right now our master bedroom is being put back together after a fresh coat of paint and new carpet, our baby's room, however, has been the catch all for everything that needed to come out of the bedroom - I can't even see the crib! Projects aside, we are really getting excited and just can't wait to meet this little person.

k: what makes you most excited about being a mom?

c: I am excited to see how this baby develops over time, his personality, and what he looks like. I am looking forward to having another person to share snuggles with, establishing traditions and creating memories. I am even looking forward to the responsibility and the challenges of being a mom.

k: what were some of the must have pieces in your wardrobe throughout your pregnancy? do you have any tricks to share that made your non-pregnant clothes last longer?

c: ...Ha! I just finished writing a blog post about my favorite leggings! I have been living in my fleece lined Mountain Equipment Coop leggings for far too long now - they are nearly ready for retirement. I did not invest in any maternity clothing, except for one pair of black dress pants. I found that I was most comfortable in knit skirts and dresses, long shirts and cardigans with leggings and boots. It was a sad day when I had to shelve my blue jeans - but I did manage to wear them until month 6 with the help of an elastic band looped through the button hole.

k: what have been some of your favourite things about being pregnant?

c: I have been feeling very HAPPY! I can't quite explain it - but I feel like I am full of good spirit. I think it is this sense of purpose, this new job I have of taking care of myself and this growing person inside of me - it has been very good for me. A little less focus on work and career and a little more focus on life.

k: i know that you practiced yoga throughout your entire pregnancy, what were some poses that you found most beneficial to your body and did these change as your tummy grew?

c: Yoga has been one of the things that has made me very happy - I love my prenatal yoga classes and really look forward to getting there once a week. Prenatal yoga is a lot about breathing and stretching - we do not hold poses for too long but of course there were a few that I could stay in for the entire hour! I have been having issues with my hips for the past 3 months so I found that once I managed to get myself into the pigeon pose I could stay there forever! As my tummy has expanded though, my legs have had to get wider apart for many of the poses - I am sure it is quite a sight!

k: when you chose your physician what were some of your deciding factors and what would you advise considering when choosing an obstetrician?

c: My physician was a recommendation from a friend - she had a good experience with Dr. Shapiro - that was good enough reason for me to choose her as well. Just be sure that you come prepared to appointments with questions and ensure that your doctor takes the time to listen to your concerns and answer any questions you may have without making you feel rushed or silly for asking.

k: what has been the most exciting part of preparing for baby blacklock's arrival?

c: Oh, I think that would be preparing the Nursery - I am a bit of a decorating junkie so this was a really exciting part.

k: you have put together the sweetest nursery. what are some of your favourite touches throughout the space?

c: I love how fresh the green color is paired with white. I love the black and white touches such as the framed farm animal flash cards, the sheep mobile and the squiggly line area rug.

k: carmon had voiced his concern about the hospital bag not being packed. this week, much to carmon's relief i'm sure, you got everything ready to go. what are some of the items that can be found in your suitcase?

c: Well...the contents have not quite made their way into the bag yet - but I am nearly there! Besides the standard change of clothes including my favorite cashmere hoodie, toiletries, nursing cami, and some baby gear, we plan to bring our laptop and some DVD's, my IPod and some snacks.

k: what were some of your favourite pregnancy resource books or magazines?

c: I read a lot of books but I have to recommend the 'The Mother of All Pregnancy Books' and 'The Mother of All Baby Books' by Ann Douglas. They are Canadian, have great resources in the back of the book and very informative. I also received daily updates via email from the 'What to Expect When You're Expecting' website - little tidbits of info everyday informing you of how your baby is developing, what pregnancy symptoms you may be experiencing and how to relieve them, diet and exercise tips etc.

k: did you attend any prenatal classes and what was the most valuable information that you took away for them?

c: Carmon and I attended a one day prenatal class - it reinforced a lot of information that I had already read in my books. It wasn't as scary as I thought it might be and it was a good way to bring Carmon up to speed with what to expect and Dad's role in the labour room.

k: if you were to create a baby shopping guide, what would be the top five on your list?

c: Well I am not sure what the baby will like and what I will find most beneficial until he is here, I can tell you that we have stocked up on lots of PJ's and onesies, receiving blankets, I have yet to get a knit baby carrier but have one in mind and think that this will be very nice for keeping hands free, baby books are important for me - you can never start a library too soon, every drug store item imaginable so that you are prepared.

k: i love tiny baby clothes. in you stash of goodies, if you had to pick just one, which item would you say you find most enjoyable and can't wait to dress your little man in?

c: Too hard to pick just one - we have received so many beautiful articles of clothing already. I love all of the Joe Fresh PJ's and onesies, the little blue jeans, Gap striped PJ's, fuzzy knit hats, and the Hatley black bear snowsuit for next winter...all so ADORABLE.

k: it is amazing how big strong men can become so soft and gentle when it comes to having babies. when you think of carmon being a parent what are some of the things that you know will make him an exceptional daddy?

c: Carmon is going to melt when he meets our baby - I just know it. He is a big softy already so his kind, gentle spirit will certainly make him a great dad. I think that he will be a great teacher - he loves to learn and share his learning's, our baby should be very smart thanks to him. I also think that Carmon will be a great playmate! He is thrilled that he will have someone to take swimming, play hockey with, build forts in the back yard, go fishing etc...

bonus interview with daddy carmon....

k: i know that you have had a keen interest in the development of your baby throughout this pregnancy. what would you say were the most exciting or interesting moments so far?

carmon: The most exciting moments so far have been feeling him kick when I talk to him, especially those days when Cheryl had been at work all day and he hadn't moved all day, at least not until they came home in the evening. I believe he was probably just sitting there waiting to come home and have a conversation with dad.

k: cheryl shared with us what she thinks will make you a great dad and we would like to know what are the attributes and qualities that cheryl possess that will make her a wonderful mom?

carmon: She is a loving, caring, wonderful wife, so I would suspect she is going to be a loving, caring, wonderful mother.

k: what excited you the most about preparing for the arrival of your son? where there any special purchases or activities that really 'hit home' for you that soon you would be a family of three?

carmon: While Cheryl and him were in China, I spent a week finishing up his room, putting together his crib, dresser and hanging up lights in his new room. It was that week when I realized that this was the real thing. Other times have been when Cheryl and I are just lying in bed and he puts on a show for us.

k: your youngest brother ben is 14 years younger than you. certainly you would remember him as a tiny baby coming home from the hospital. would you say that this helped prepare you for your upcoming role as a father at all?

carmon: The thing that stands out most when Ben was only days old was his circumcised willy. Watching mom handle this tenderly. I must say, this barbaric inhuman sacrificial ritual has allowed me to get ready for the terror my little guy is about to face, and how to care for the family jewels while it heals. ( I'm wincing as I write this - poor fella).

k: you are days away from the arrival of your baby boy, what makes you most excited about meeting him and about being his dad?

carmon: I just want to know what he looks like and what kind of character he has. It going to be neat to have him look up at me and think "that's my dad". Later on, I can't wait till I can take him to the Pro Bass Shop! - hockey, baseball, fishing, camping, skiing, snowmobiling here we come!

i am so thrilled for you both.
there is a long list of people excited to soon meet
your sweet little baby and we all love him so much already!
hugs &love to you both!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

What to Wear

...At this point I really do not care to make a fashion statement every time I leave the house and certainly not while I am in the house.  For the past few months I have been living in my Mountain Equipment Coop fleece lined leggings - they are heaven.  Likely not the most flattering article of clothing I own but my options are limited.  Now that I am at home all of the time, I really could wear the same thing everyday - Carmy, you don't mind do you?  But I realized that I may be wearing my favorites a little too much as the fleece is starting to pill, forming these crunchy patches all along the inside.  I thought it may be time to go out on a limb and switch it up, (or at least alternate) so when I came across a pair of cozy grey knit leggings at Winners, I snapped them up.  

Carmon says they look like long underwear, frankly, I do not care.  

They have made their debut in public and like I said, It's not about making a fashion statement, or maybe I am...I could be on to something here!  Fortunately with just under two weeks to go, I can likely avoid a fashion intervention - I just need to promise myself that the legging phase gets shelved once I deflate a little.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Not Quite Ready...

So I have been off work for nearly a week now (bliss!) and still feel rather ill prepared for our baby's arrival.  Fortunately, I have 14 more days until the due date but I have been repeatedly reminded that the baby can really come anytime now (gulp!).  I was feeling nauseous and really achy on Tuesday and by evening it had not subsided.  I thought it may be a good plan to refer to one of my pregnancy books...sure enough I found that these are some of the symptoms of pre-labour.  WELL, that got us in a tizzy and we very quickly pulled together our Hospital Bag - which I had been promising Carmon that I would pack two weeks ago - yikes!  Nothing like a little pressure!  As you can see, nothing came of that episode and I am back to feeling chipper again. 

Unfortunately the Hospital Bag was not the only item on my To Do List.  

Our 'Nest' is certainly not in order.  

We decided to take our chances and try to get our master bedroom looking a little fancier so we designed a day bed, ordered carpet, patched and re-painted.  Carmon has been working hard to get this big job done and we can now scratch off a few of the tasks; the patching, painting, the day bed is half built and our new carpet is being installed tomorrow.  We figure by the weekend we should be back in our own bedroom and THEN I can get busy organizing and making things feel a little more like home again.  And as for the baby, well, if  he came tomorrow he would not know the difference really - but someday it would be fun to show him just how 'ready' his parents were...