Monday, August 4, 2008

Will We See The Light?

Bless Carmon, he really is a handy man.  I did my part in picking out a chandelier and Carmon agreed to install it - no problem!  At the time the project really did not seem too difficult, we talked it through...Carmon was confident that it would be easy to create a new outlet for the chandelier, as it now needed to be centered with our dining room table.  He would cut out the ceiling dry wall, run a new outlet from one of the existing, and then patch up the two outlets that were already there, simple enough...
OK, It works!  Now we just have to get it to stay up there...oh and fill in the hole that was carved out of the ceiling...Carmon plastered and sanded over 3 days - each day adding a layer of thick dust throughout the house and on himself!
Hanging the chandelier did involve a fair bit of drama but I will not bore you with the details...let's just say that we are now experts at this and hope to god that we will not have to hang another of these babies in a long time!