Saturday, September 26, 2009

Birthday Celebrations

Two of Max's buddies turn 1 this week, so we were invited to a joint birthday party today for Kylee and William. These two look so grown up, it is amazing to see how different they are from Max, standing on their own, crawling everywhere, pulling themselves up, eating grown up food...oh my, we have lots to look forward to!

We had such a fun afternoon! Max enjoyed playing with William's toys...

...but was even more interested in the cupcake that was made just for him - except I ate it!

Little Reid managed to get his paws on his cupcake, just look at it oozing through his fingers!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Magic Tricks

There are mornings that Carmon and I are convinced that Max has changed overnight. Some days he feels a little bigger, his hair is thicker, or his eyes a different color than the day before. Month 7 is now upon us and never mind the subtle changes while we were sleeping - take a look at the amazing transformation!

Life is magic, let me tell you - it is difficult to imagine Max as such a tiny little creature so new to the world. Today he is 20 lbs of babbling joy, what fun it has been to watch his magic tricks right before our very eyes.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Back 'To Do'

Ah September, how I love the feeling of getting back at it, after a blissful summer of doing as we pleased. For us, yesterday was not the start of school, but we are certainly going back to our 'To Do' list, yessiree we have one too many projects that have been pushed off for long enough. Our list seems endless, but boy did it feel great to cross off a few things this past weekend.