Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

It was a year ago today that we donned the Star Wars costumes and made our Halloween debut as a family. This year was a bit more hurried. I just returned from 10 days in China on Thursday and the thought of putting my (jet-lagged) self in a costume was a little tough to bear (I think Carmon was happy with this too). Max on the other hand was totally game for a day of fun and quite adorable in his dinosaur costume.

This afternoon we headed over to a neighborhood restaurant that was hosting a kids Halloween party. Max and Reid had their usual squeals of delight when they saw each other. These two are serious BFF's!

Max must have known he was going to have Cheezies at the party...could this be why he refused to eat lunch before we left?

Happy Halloween! Hope you had a spooky day!

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Fall is perfect in Toronto - it really is. The leaves are turning and the air is crisp, the lake sparkles and the sun seems brighter and happier these days. Max likes to stomp through the piles of leaves and say "crunch!".

new shoes

We are doing just great over here - it's been awhile since we've checked in. Max and I are flying solo at the moment as Carmon is busy at home with Harvest. Max has been on his best behavior and has been such a good little guy while daddy is away. He put on a very brave face for the first 10 days, but the last few days he has been asking frantically for "Daddy!" Carmon has been sending little video messages to us from his phone. Max and I have been watching them over and over again. His face lights up every time he watches and he blows kisses - it is adorable. Although, this is making me panic just a wee bit as I am scheduled to fly to China in about 8 days. I am not sure who will be more traumatized, Max or me...

September 1 - first day in his new daycare room

September was a flurry of activity - Max graduated to the Junior Toddler room at Daycare, it's official, he is a big boy now. That transition was not without some drama - it took him a few weeks to adjust to the new drop off but now we can really see that he is enjoying his new group and is making lots of friends. He has a few BFF's - Aiden, Sasha and Christian.

On the weekends he loves to play with Reid, Kylee and William. We had a great time at William and Kylee's birthday a few weeks ago and now his new favorite song is "Happy Birthday". We sing it a lot!

horsing around with Reid

a delicious birthday party

My mom also visited in September - Max calls her Gra'kra. She stayed for a week and it took Max a few days to stop from running down the hall to the spare bedroom in search of Gra'kra once she had gone.

We enjoyed the Cabbagetown festival and even sat and watched the parade. Max had his first balloon - we had to tie it to his hat so that it didn't fly away.

anxiously awaiting the fire trucks at the Cabbagetown festival parade

anchoring his new balloon

Riverdale farm is always a hit - but lately the animals are not the draw, it was the John Deere tractor that stole the show.

lovin' that John Deere

a paparazzi shot of Max and Grandma

We are looking forward to Halloween - this will be such a different experience from last year - I often stare at that picture of our first Halloween and wonder how that little baby morphed into this big handsome boy!