Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Our Little Family Photo Shoot

Bless Katrina - our talented friend, for insisting on taking some family photos.  These will be treasured forever - thank you!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Visit From The Tuchscherer's

The Tuchscherer's

Katrina and I had been counting down for weeks and finally she and Brendan arrived last Friday.  It has been awhile since we have had a good visit with our dear friends and we enjoyed 4 days with them - what a treat!  We did lots of catching up, some shopping, too much eating and of course snuggles with Max...

We also took them to some of our favorite spots in Toronto like...


We each enjoyed a huge personal pizza and little dessert of course.  Who knew that our dessert choices would color co-ordinate with our outfits!

Balzac's Coffee in the Distillery District
Katrina and I always say how much we wish we could just meet up for a coffee so we made sure to get in lots of that while they were here.

Vaughan Mills Shopping Center
I will be the first to admit that this is not one of my favorites places in Toronto, however Carmon absolutely loves the Pro Bass hunting and fishing store in the mall and he wanted to give Brendan a tour.  Katrina and I discovered a few great shops that were not there last time I had visited such as Style Sense, Banana Republic and Gap outlet stores...OK so maybe Vaughan Mills has made it's way further to the top of my list after this visit.  Oh!  and my favorite part of the whole day was stopping in at Laura Secord and discovering our favorite Easter Cream eggs were on sale for 40% off!  We stocked up!  

...such piggies!

We had such a great time - We miss you two already!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

V Day

Today was V Day - vaccinations that is.  To be honest it wasn't nearly as dramatic as the photo.  Max got two little 'bee stings' (as Dr. Browne so nicely put it) - one in each leg.  He had a little cry after each poke and then he was just fine.  Phew!  

He also had a standard check-up and promptly peed as soon as we put him on the scale to be weighed!  So embarrassing!   He is 13 lbs 10 oz - already a big boy!  

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Two Months Old In Alberta

We celebrated Max's 2 Month Birthday in Alberta.  It is amazing to think that this baby has already been on an airplane at 2 month's old, Carmon didn't get on a plane until his 20's and many people never get on a plane!  We plan to get home 3 more times this year so what the heck - we might as well get this little man conditioned early.  He did great!  I thought that his ears may hurt during take off and landing but he was not bothered at all.   
I have been on a plane a lot and always come equipped with lots of reading materials, music and headphones for the in flight movie.  This time I didn't need any of that to pass the time - we just watched our beautiful little boy and the time flew by...

Max was welcomed with hugs, kisses and cuddles from both of our families.  This was also his first Easter - he could only admire all of his chocolates...Carmon and I made sure to help him eat them!

Great Grandpa Gordon

We just got back from a week in Alberta - we had not planned to make such an early trip back home with Max but unfortunately Carmon's Grandpa, Gordon Blacklock passed away on April 3rd.  This was a sad week but a great opportunity to catch up with so many family members that we had not seen for a long time and to introduce Max to everyone.  Max's middle name, Thomas, is actually Grandpa Gordon's first name - he had decided that he preferred to be called Gordon over Thomas early on.  I am so glad that we chose to honour Gordon and we will be sure to tell Max lots of stories about his very special Great Grandpa.


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Max - The Owner's Manual

I am sure those of you out there who have children would agree that it would have been wonderful if an 'owner's manual' had promptly been delivered moments after the baby.  This would eliminate so much of the guess work that tired, bleary eyed, new parents have to sort through.  At 6 weeks I think we are starting to understand Max - but I sure wish we had had a manual from the start!  I think it would have looked something like this:
1. During the day Max will eat every 1.5 to 2 hours
2. During the night Max will wake up 3 times to eat
3. Max is not keen on daytime napping and if he does go down it is for 30 minutes maximum UNLESS he is in his stroller, carrier or car seat - where you may get away with a full hour!  
4. Max does not like shopping malls 
5. Max will like his baths if you place a wash cloth on his tummy to keep him warm
6. When Max is fussy he tends to calm down when he is swaddled, sang to, patted on the bum and rocked while walking (Note: all of this must be done simultaneously)  
7. Max prefers Dad's finger to suck on over his pacifier
8. Spitting up occurs often and in large volume so be prepared!

9. Explosive diapers usually erupt while out of the house and on a brand new outfit
10. Car trips are OK but keep them short
11. Max enjoys getting his diaper changed and will lie happily on his change table making a funny purring noise like a raccoon (I am not kidding)
12. Max is a noisy sleeper and will toss and turn all night - keep him swaddled and he is much quieter
13. Max has a different cry when he is hungry, tired or just plain fussy - it will take you 6 weeks to decipher the 3 - good luck!

...well it may sound like we have got it all figured out - I can assure you that this baby continues to keep us on our toes!