Sunday, June 1, 2008

Progress! we've been busy!  Is that a good enough excuse?  As you can see, last blog was March 9th, our move in day.  I have been receiving many jabs from fellow bloggers (you know who you are) - why have we not updated our blog?  Well we have made some progress...allow me up to update you on our early days as homeowners...
The thing about white is that not all whites are the same.  Ready to forge ahead with the daunting task of painting every room in the house, we started with the dining room.  Not the best of starts as we painted the entire room in Benjamin Moore Oxford White, which basically is the same color as our crisp (very white) base boards - it was a very blank canvas, a little too blank.  We lived with the color for a few weeks before we both admitted that we really weren't feeling the, we re-taped and re-painted all over again.  We 
settled on a color called Intense White which sounds scary but is a perfect shade of white...not that anybody else would be able to tell!  

Goodbye Tiffany Turquoise!
Let me be the first to admit that I love the color turquoise especially when it comes in the form of a little box with a white satin ribbon!  But, not so sure that this would be the color to stay put on our kitchen walls.  

We removed a funny cabinet that looked out of place between our two kitchen windows as well as the corner shelf above the sink.  With the removal came some patching and then repainting - all worth the effort.  New paint color - Benjamin Moore Snowball.