Saturday, April 16, 2011

Big Boy Bed

I will admit, I was dreading this transition, but it was time...Max is not a baby anymore (sob!). The first couple of nights were a bit of a challenge as he discovered his newfound freedom and tried to 'escape' repeatedly.
He is settled in now and we look forward to a cuddle and a story before it's time to say goodnight.
We weren't sure if he needed a guard to keep him from falling out of bed and we thought we would see how he did without it before going out and buying one. Each night we surrounded his bed with pillows. He didn't roll out for the first 4 nights but then after that we would find him on the floor around 2 am snuggled up in the pillows! We bought the guard...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring has Sprung...In Yellow and Green!

Spring is finally here! We are super excited to get out in the yard, play at the park and feel the sun again. We enjoyed a spring visit from Katrina and Mike and Baba and Uncle Ben - Max has changed a lot in the past few months so it was fun for him to show off all of his new tricks. He is quite the little man - very independent, very assertive...even a little bit bossy, but that's OK. Carmon says he gets that from me...what?? Impossible.

Trucks and tractors are still the centre of the universe and he always wants to 'drive' our car - we let him open and close the doors, that's about it - poor child. But he does get to drive his little truck in the back yard - it is very funny to watch him get in and out, open and close the tail gate and wheel around. We also have a John Deere fan on our case you haven't noticed!! He loves his new cap as it is just like Daddy's.

We are looking forward to Easter next weekend and are planning an Egg Hunt on Friday - holidays are so much fun now!