Saturday, April 24, 2010

First Haircut

We decided it was time to take Max for a haircut - Carmon kept saying that he had a mullet and just about cut Max's hair himself when I jokingly put it in a ponytail the other day. So off we went, to this fun place called Melon Head...

First a pony ride...

...a tentative glance...

...and then into his pink Cadillac!

There were no tears, no fits - he was such a good boy.

Now just look how handsome!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Long Weekend Part 2

Saturday. We had a big day planned - we were off to meet the Easter Bunny! First, we got dressed up and headed out for Easter brunch - just the three of us. Max was a good boy at the table and even kept his new shirt clean.
Then off to see the Easter Bunny! There was a long line up for pictures...

...we opted to not wait in line and I quickly snapped a pic without Max. Besides, I think he would have cried if he got too close to this fellow...wouldn't you?

After that we headed to the park and chilled out for the rest of the afternoon.

Sunday was just a total bonus, god I love a long weekend. We went for a run, puttered around the house and got a lot of things done that had been looming - like washing windows, planting new springy flower pots etc. BUT the most exciting part was when we got to Skype our families - what fun to see everyone and they were able to see Max playing and walking around the house. We were jealous of the elaborate meals that we were missing - my family even picked up the computer and showed us the long buffet line of food that they were ready to dig in to! Lucky!

Easter Long Weekend Part 1

One of our favorite things to do on the weekend is head downtown, yes, that's right, Riverdale Farm. Toronto has this wonderful old farm in Cabbagetown, just East of the city center. This has been one of our favorite spots to visit since we moved to Toronto and even more now that we have Max. The weather was beautiful and the farm was a flurry of activity, Max loved every minute of it...