Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Well it didn't start out so great tonight.  Max had a busy day and by 5:30 he was totally pooped.  We soldiered on though and once we were out in the (freezing!) fresh air, and he saw how easy it was to get candy, his mood changed instantly.

We met up with Max's friend Luca and did a very quick tour of Luca's street - the boys had fun and were very brave walking up to stranger's houses together.  Luca kept saying "it's OK Max!"

We left the lights on at our house and put the candy on the porch - we were pleased to see that a good portion was gone by the time we got back.  No idea if that was just one person or 20 though!  

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Grandma said...

Oh what a change of outlook! Love your costume look really scarey.