Saturday, December 8, 2012

Another Bump

Yep!  Almost 7 months - surprise!
I have neglected to take belly shots this time around...sorry baby #2, but the novelty has worn off.  Max took this photo of me one afternoon, it must have been a number of weeks ago as I can no longer zip this coat up.  We are having a girl, which is delightful news, it will be interesting to see how this little one differs from Max's personality.  We have been discussing this lately - he is such a good little fellow, will we be blessed with the same easy-going nature for the second child?  Not counting on it, but it would be nice...little baby, are you listening?
I have been feeling good, similar to the last pregnancy and so far no issues - in fact I just returned from a trip to Asia and got along just fine.  Happy to get back and get in the swing of things for Christmas.  After the holidays we've got more house work planned to get ready for this little peanut, I'm excited to plan another little nursery.  March 1st, you will be coming quickly!

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Can't wait!